Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter/Number Collage

To introducte color mixing, I assigned this project to my high school Drawing and Painting 1 students. I was inspired by this image below that I came accross. It is by the artist Lance Letscher.

So I had the students draw letters and numbers of their choice on pieces of tag board, and I instructed them to use different fonts and play with the sizes and thinckness of the letters/numbers. The number and letter combination doesnt really matter because they will be cutting them out and rearranging them into a jumbled composition anyway, but some might schoose to spell out their name or a favorite quote.

Most students ended up making 3-5 sheets of letters/numbers like the one above.

After the students had their letters drawn, we talked about color schemes and I had them choose the scheme that they wanted to paint their letters in. They could choose complementary, split complementary, analogous, or triadic. I begged them to use good craftsmanshop when cutting out their letters and I stressed the idea of creating a focal point in their finished composition.

Gorgeous abstract compositons!

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