Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter/Number Collage

To introducte color mixing, I assigned this project to my high school Drawing and Painting 1 students. I was inspired by this image below that I came accross. It is by the artist Lance Letscher.

So I had the students draw letters and numbers of their choice on pieces of tag board, and I instructed them to use different fonts and play with the sizes and thinckness of the letters/numbers. The number and letter combination doesnt really matter because they will be cutting them out and rearranging them into a jumbled composition anyway, but some might schoose to spell out their name or a favorite quote.

Most students ended up making 3-5 sheets of letters/numbers like the one above.

After the students had their letters drawn, we talked about color schemes and I had them choose the scheme that they wanted to paint their letters in. They could choose complementary, split complementary, analogous, or triadic. I begged them to use good craftsmanshop when cutting out their letters and I stressed the idea of creating a focal point in their finished composition.

Gorgeous abstract compositons!

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  1. I have done almost this exact lesson using this artist and also using the work of Bratsa Bonifachu.I have them use their phones and the free app Adobe capture to create interesting colour schemes based on an image they like the colour in